Asset Management Audits

Ramsoft (UK) Ltd can conduct various Asset Management Audits based either on:

  • Fast Track Approach using a standard questionnaire with a multi-disciplined and from the top to the bottom of the organisation. A full audit would be in line with ISO55000 and comprise best practice elements in 8 main groups
    • Policy and Objectives
    • Organisation
    • Design, Build and Delver
    • Operational Phase
    • End of Life
    • Decision Making Continuous Improvement
    • Information Systems
    • Human Performance
  • In-depth Audits initiating with a fast track audit followed up with individual interviews and an analysis of documents and data
  • Customised audit to suit a client's area of interest

The deliverable can include the AMy Self Auditing Tool, and training in its use, so the company can repeat audits internally to demonstrate progress