Audit CMMS Data Quality

Ramsoft (UK) Ltd have carried out numerous CMMS Data Integrity Audits covering:

New Installations

We can audit the

  • Data build process including data build guides & procedures
  • Achieved data build quality for the asset register, preventive maintenance, failure coding & spares data
Existing Installations

Includes the above depending on the agreed audit scope plus the ownership phase, requesting, planning and estimating, quality of job reports, equipment history and use of failure code reporting.


CMMS Data Integrity Build Guides

Major failings in CMMS data integrity are the lack of data build guides and procedures especially when different team members are working on different systems within an activity

Guides need to be developed to ensure data consistency

To ensure CMMS data build integrity a company must ensure:

  • Procedure and Guides are developed (How to..)
  • Team members are trained
  • Quality checks throughout the build are conducted

Typical data build guides are:

  • Equipment Build Guide that includes coding and naming conventions, parent-child relationships etc. A recent audit revealed over 180 codes for ex electrical classifications
  • PM Build Guide that includes coding and naming and best practices in writing job plans
  • Spares Build Guide that includes item naming rules, abbreviations, how to deal with measures and manufacturer's part numbers
  • Spares Type Guide that includes photos of each type of spare to ensure standardised naming