E-String Cataloguing Software Tool

Ramsoft (UK) Ltd use the E-String cataloguing software tool for cleansing or for spare parts creation.

E-String is used to standardise spare part descriptions by populating standard attribute templates by class of material

The tool has drop down values for the different attribute data and allows for the creation of new values, e.g. Manufacture’s part numbers where not included.

The attributes tables may be customised to include client specific data and identifies the attribute data that are mandatory and which are optional.

Once the attributes are populated for each line item short descriptions and buying descriptions are auto generated depending on the work flow these data fields may be migrated automatically to the CMMS or transferred to MS Excel for data migration.

The tool can be used as a stand-alone tool with imports and downloads from Excel to a full customised work flow process with requester, receiver, cataloguer, approver and full integration with your CMMS. The work flow will be customised to suit each company’s requirement.

The same tool can be used for data cleansing or for large new projects to ensure no duplicates.

There are 3 levels of spares data cleansing:

Option A: Short Description Review - No E-String Software Used
  • Audit short descriptions
  • Define rules
  • Standardise short descriptions (manually)
  • Possible pilot study - Bearings
Option B: E-string No CMMS Integration
  • Input Excel worksheet only
  • Attribute table population, identification of unique records
  • Identify duplicated records
  • Output to excel (short & long descriptions and attribute templates)
  • Workflow cataloguer & Approver
Option C: Full E-String Integration & Customised

As above plus

  • Facility for single, bulk or SPIR uploads
  • Workflow to be agreed

Screen shots from E-String and typical workflows are shown in the pdf E-String Cataloguing Software Tool