MRO Cleansing

The scope of cleansing will vary from company to company and will be CMMS dependant. For example, Maximo users typically describe their spare parts using up to 75 or 80 characters, while SAP users are limited to 40 characters. This means a SAP user must use many more abbreviations to describe their spare parts.

Ramsoft UK using their MRO-CleanIT tool can clean up your master data. Using standardised descriptions, a) located in a look up table when matched to a MPN and b) a table containing template descriptions, when that MPN is not an exact match.

One of the reasons for duplicate stock is manufacturers & vendors use different naming conventions, e.g. see for stainless steel A2, 304, SS, they could be all the same but used in MPN then you would not be able to identify these. Therefore Phase 2 is essential, you must clearly identify your naming conventions.

Benefits of cleansed master data are the identification of potential duplicates, ease of finding spares, identification of standardisation and rationalisation opportunities and hence inventory reduction.

The following example shows the current part description and the cleansed description.