Equipment Troubleshooting & Root Cause Analysis

Duration - 2/5 days


If we do not tackle the root causes, failures and incidents will continue to occur. For an effective Reliability Improvement Programme a sound RCFA is one of the most critical elements. Often equipment fails but the true root causes can be attributed to human actions or errors.
This 3-5 day workshop considers a number of techniques to support the investigation phase followed by the identification of root causes and then finally the development of corrective actions.
A step by step approach to RCA/RCFA is presented as well as additional techniques such as FRETT, Safeguards Analysis, and using system and equipment trouble shooting guides.
Many delegates admit to conducting RCAs but skimping the investigation part, resulting in ineffective RCAs.
We will demonstrate COTS software for conducting RCA during the course


Topic 1: Introduction to RCA
Overview of different techniques for identifying issues (bad actors) and finding root causes
Introduction to equipment and human performance causes

Topic 2: Beginning the investigation
Constructing the Sequence of Event chart and planning the information required

Topic 3: Data Collection and Interviewing People
How to collect data considering the main categories referred to 5P+EM
Video: Features of poor interviewing
Structured approach to conducting interviews

Topic 4: Identifying Contributing Factors
How to identify all the contributing factors relevant to a single incident
Exercise: “what are the contributing factors?”

Topic 5: Root Causes
Investigating each causal factor and seeking root causes. Highlighting that for a single incident there can be a number of root causes
Exercise: finding root causes

Topic 6: Developing Corrective Actions
Specifying and evaluating corrective actions

Topic 7: Lessons Learnt
Disseminate lessons learnt and good practices. Examples
Video of reconstruction of an incident

Topic 8: Equipment Troubleshooting
Attributes of a good trouble-shooter, troubleshooting chart types

Topic 9: Introduction to RCFA
The process to investigate equipment failures, main causes
Failure mechanisms, FRETT Analysis (Frce, Reaction, Time and Temperature)

Topic 10: Equipment Case Studies
A number of examples will be shown e.g. bearing failures, not following procedures, FRETT analysis, etc

Topic 11: Change Analysis

Topic 12: Safe Guards Analysis
Types of safeguards, identifying weak or failed safeguards

Topic 13: Management Presentations
How to make a good RCA presentation

Course Review and Delegates' Actions Plans

Training Methodology

PowerPoint slides. Delegates will learn by active participation during the workshop and through the use of exercises, case studies
Exercises using MS Excel and MS Access

Who Should Attend

Maintenance Managers, Engineers, Supervisors
Operation supervision & managers
Craftsmen & Technicians